Ring of lies

Ring of lies it is indeed. Some people are just born to lie because they were born in a ring of lies. Lies can take you very far, but you will never get anywhere because everything has its own way of catching up with you, it can be sooner or later. I ask myself why must we always lie? Well some people lie because they feel the need of telling lies, some say they didn’t have a choice and therefore they had to lie, well as for me I think you chose to tell lies and therefore that is the choice that you have taken and so do not say you didn’t have a choice cause you did.

I don’t like to be lied to especially on serious matters, better tell me the truth than to comfort me and make me feel better with your lies. Tell me the truth no matter how hurting it may be. Because at the end of the day truth has ways of coming out, I for one knows that. People lie to an extend that it becomes annoying, you will also end up lying to yourself, and you will start believing in your lies too.

True lies, lie about the things that when they come out no one will cry or regret but instead be beneficial. Don’t lie about



My name is Makungu Edith Maluleke, I'm a third year public relations student at Midrand Graduate Institute. I'm a very dedicated person, hard working and passionate about the things I love and life. Always willing to learn new things.

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