Ring of lies

Ring of lies it is indeed. Some people are just born to lie because they were born in a ring of lies. Lies can take you very far, but you will never get anywhere because everything has its own way of catching up with you, it can be sooner or later. I ask myself why must we always lie? Well some people lie because they feel the need of telling lies, some say they didn’t have a choice and therefore they had to lie, well as for me I think you chose to tell lies and therefore that is the choice that you have taken and so do not say you didn’t have a choice cause you did.

I don’t like to be lied to especially on serious matters, better tell me the truth than to comfort me and make me feel better with your lies. Tell me the truth no matter how hurting it may be. Because at the end of the day truth has ways of coming out, I for one knows that. People lie to an extend that it becomes annoying, you will also end up lying to yourself, and you will start believing in your lies too.

True lies, lie about the things that when they come out no one will cry or regret but instead be beneficial. Don’t lie about



Makungu is my name, named by my daddy. I was the only child or can say the first child in my village to be named Makungu, I now know other few Makungu in my village. My name is unique and I would like to say that I am unique too. Makungu is a beautiful name and it has a meaning and the meaning means something to me. Growing up there is this song that I used to sing and I loved it so much though I the message that time it did not get to me, but because in the song there was my name that made me to love it even more.

Now that I have grown I understand the song and I no longer love the song but I am in love with the song. The song goes like “Xikwembu xina Makungu, xivona tiko rilova nta rhuma mani misaveni.Tatana rhuma mina niyava fela misaveni”this means that God has a plan, seeing his country falling apart, whom should I send to the world to save them. Father, father send me and I will go and die for their sins.

Makungu means plans, decisions, and I believe that God has a plan with my life, God has made decisions about my life of which I may not know at the moment, but because I trust and believe in him, I know where he is taking me. I may not be where I want to be right now and I may not know where he is taking me therefore I trust that he is busy paving my way at the moment.

I also believe that I was planned to be in this world and in order for me to take good decisions. Xikwembu xina Makungu hi mina, Lord I love my name and I wouldn’t have asked for a better name from my dad, because this is the best name. God has a plan with me.Every time someone asks my name, they find it difficult to pronouns it, ‘come again’ therefore I say it slowly so that they can be able to say it. I also tell them what it means because they always ask. My name is Makungu. I am decisions, and I plan.

Web page design

One of the modules that are making me insane right now, this module honestly feels like torture. Well in first semester the module did not seem to be that difficult though it was challenging. What I liked about it was that every week I was eager to go and learn new staff and I would not want to miss a lecture no matter what. The lecturer that we had too was enthusiastic and she never wanted us to give up, that is what encouraged me a lot, and also helped me to be more focused. Though it was not easy but she always had a way in making us understand, and she also gave us homework every week so that she can see if we really do understand or get what she has taught us.

Well my problem now is that we now have a new lecturer and I am finding it difficult to catch up with her, or I can say that I am not yet used to the way she does things, but I am hoping and willing that eventually I will get used to her, and also understand her method. But nevertheless I honestly don’t think I would do this module if it was not compulsory. As a Public Relation student I then again feel it is good to be challenged, and that is what this module is to me, it is channeling me in a good way though.

The module is very interesting especially with the things that I have learnt so far, which some of them I always asked my self on how it was done. For example how people got to design their business cards, how magazine layouts were designed and so forth. I have learnt a lot of things in which sometimes I get confused on the information concerning Photoshop,  InDesign, and Adobe illustrator.