My lala’s Wedding, beautiful onyinye

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OH my God, the lord is the good , loving and faithful God. He doesn’t sleep nor slumber ask my lala she will tell you all about him. On the 24th of June I took a journey to Limpopo in a village Rotterdam. I had to go there no matter what, because there was no way I was going to miss this lady’s wedding. I had told myself that come thunder come storm I will be there. I got home and it was busy with the preparations for my onyinye’s wedding, her  traditional wedding. The joy I have in heart ohw, I don’t even know how to express it, I’ve got joy. Her friends from everywhere were there, her spiritual parents were there, friends and family, we were all there to witness her big day, and it was indeed big and lovely.

God loved this lady so much that he blessed her with a loving and caring man, her husband is so lucky to have her, her in laws are even luckier. Her spiritual parents were sad that they losing yet another God fearing young woman, but at the same time they were very excited for her, and they were proud to have raised such a woman, oh yes she is a woman.

I would love to congratulate my friend and wish her all the best in her new life, and that may God keep her as she is, and to not stop praying nor thanking God for all that he’s doing in her life and all that he has done. She always tells me that the God that she worships is the God of wonders, and yes he is. When he says yes no one can say no. This is for you Mrs. Maluleke may you make your parents even more proud, because I know they are. I as your friend is  very excited, I have joy in my heart.

To Mr. and Mrs. Maluleke I wish nothing but the best I love you so much guys. This is God’s will and take care of each other.




My name is Makungu Edith Maluleke, I'm a third year public relations student at Midrand Graduate Institute. I'm a very dedicated person, hard working and passionate about the things I love and life. Always willing to learn new things.

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