July babies, #Ladies


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So I am actually one of the ladies who were born in July,  a month of the legends.If you are born on this month ahh baby you are the one,  we beautiful, everyone is jealous of us and actually we are the real gems. W e fun to be with, we take pride in oneself and another thing we honest, I know this because this is me, this is who I am. Well as for these ladies they so much like me as well, some of these ladies we come a long way and some of them we met not so long but time is nothing if you enjoy the company of your loved ones especially when they resemble who you are.

We were born in July different years and dates but same months. I mostly express myself in speaking communication is just one of the tool I cannot do without, I met all of these ladies through communication and understanding, they are so much like me and I’m so much like them, and you know why its because we were born in July. We are concern about people’s feelings, we friendly and mostly we approachable though a lot of people mistaken us for being rude which is not true. I have heard a lot of people saying that they thought I was rude because I was quiet until they got to know me well.

One thing that we mostly struggle in is that though we forgiving but we never forget or can I say that it takes us time to forget, and we caring and loving, this is something I have learnt frim these ladies and myself too. We never struggle in making friends because we very talkative ohw yes that is us, JULY LADIES.


Back to reality

Ohw ja it’s that time again. Stressful evenings, and sleepless nights.  Yeah right so 2mrw is back to school. Home was lovely and was still enjoying being home,  but hey its time to go back and finish what i have started.  As i blog this evening im actually in a meeting with my self and conticipating on what exactly to wear tomorrow,  like i said its need indeed back to reality.

Second semester is very short and so i hope and believe that all will be well,  coz this is a very stressful time of the year and the pressure is just so on and on. But i know i will make it, i have no doubts about it. Im looking forward to this semester and ofcoz i am, soo bring it on bcoz iam fully armed fkr you semester.

Its always hard for me to think or find something to wear honestly, my housemates always lough at me,  becoz i can fininsh bathing early but be late bcoz I’m mostly undecided of what to wear.  This is reality for me indeed.

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During exams i could not wait to finish my exams, all i wanted was to be home with my family. Now its that time to rip, remember the saying you can only rip what you sow. If people ever told you that being in varsity is nothing, well they lied to you. I’m saying this because i know. I remember when we were in high school, there was this one day where we had to attend Afrikaans after classes, though it was not compulsory but to us it was important because we knew what we wanted, and our dreams.

I remember we left school late around six and it was in winter. My friend and i looked at each other and said “skool is nie pap n vleis nie”. Well if you thought high school is not pap and meat, bruh wait until you get into varsity.
There is nothing difficult than waking up in the middle of the night so that you can catch up on some of your work.

Its even more difficult to study in winter, whereby everyone is sleeping and you on your books freezing like hell lol if it is. You know i remember before i came to varsity, used to ask myself why people drop out but never did in primary and high school, and only decide to quit in the last minutes. Honestly i used to judge them but now that i know i dont judge no more, i don’t blame those who are dropped out and I’m also not siding with them.

Well as for me i dont come from a family of quitters, my mama always say that if you fail that means you ain’t perfect and you know where your wickness is and always try to rectify those mistakes. Well it is time now to get those results. Success comes through hard work

The birthday girl

So on the second of July it was this girl’s born day, ‘ntombi leyo xonga ya mutsonga’. I feel birthdays are the most special days anyone can celebrate and know that they growing older and older everyday. My birthday was so special to me. I spend this day with the most important person in my life. My Mr. he took me out and had the most wonderful day, it was precious and I felt precious too. Mr. made me feel like a princess though he always do, but because it was my day it I called the shots, and I could have whatever I want, anything that I want.

I had enjoyed my day honestly, it was filled with joy and happiness. And well I was asked what it is that I wished for, well I smiled and looked up, and I told Mr. I wished for a house, lol we laughed and looked at each other, Mr. stared at me, he smiled he then said what do you want to do. Told him anything as long as he’s with me and I’m with him. We had breakfast from 11 am until 12:30 am that is how good the convo was, peaceful and loving.

We went shopping after our breakfast or should I say our brunch. We then watched a movies after. Well I still can’t believe that I am 25 years old, not so long I was 10 and my parents had thrown a birthday party for me. Before I knew it my home was filled with people and it was my 21st birthday and here I am today 25, all I can say is that I am grateful for the life that I have, I learn everyday hence I am grateful for waking up and breathing everyday. They say life is a teacher the more you leave is the more you learn, therefore I am learning indeed.

I am grateful to God for this life. I am grateful for each and everything that God has given me. Was laughing with my telling me that I’m half a 50 and was like what the!!!! Ohw yeah the shit is getting real indeed.

My lala’s Wedding, beautiful onyinye

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OH my God, the lord is the good , loving and faithful God. He doesn’t sleep nor slumber ask my lala she will tell you all about him. On the 24th of June I took a journey to Limpopo in a village Rotterdam. I had to go there no matter what, because there was no way I was going to miss this lady’s wedding. I had told myself that come thunder come storm I will be there. I got home and it was busy with the preparations for my onyinye’s wedding, her  traditional wedding. The joy I have in heart ohw, I don’t even know how to express it, I’ve got joy. Her friends from everywhere were there, her spiritual parents were there, friends and family, we were all there to witness her big day, and it was indeed big and lovely.

God loved this lady so much that he blessed her with a loving and caring man, her husband is so lucky to have her, her in laws are even luckier. Her spiritual parents were sad that they losing yet another God fearing young woman, but at the same time they were very excited for her, and they were proud to have raised such a woman, oh yes she is a woman.

I would love to congratulate my friend and wish her all the best in her new life, and that may God keep her as she is, and to not stop praying nor thanking God for all that he’s doing in her life and all that he has done. She always tells me that the God that she worships is the God of wonders, and yes he is. When he says yes no one can say no. This is for you Mrs. Maluleke may you make your parents even more proud, because I know they are. I as your friend is  very excited, I have joy in my heart.

To Mr. and Mrs. Maluleke I wish nothing but the best I love you so much guys. This is God’s will and take care of each other.