Proud moments

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Proud moments it was indeed, what a wonderful weekend it was. My sister had went to her finalists, The Figures International Model of the year, the event took place at Roodepoort Theatre. The were all branches from all the provinces, and I must admit it was wonderful. My mom was so excited the first time she heard that my little sister had qualified for the finals, there was joy and happiness.

We are all so proud of her, and we supported her from the beginning, and I am very proud of her so are my parents. I remember when she called me last year telling me that she has joined some agency, for modelling, I told her how happy and excited I was for her. Ever since last years she has been attending her modelling classes and our parents make sure that she is there every Thursday they transport her. “It is exciting as a parent to see your children following their dreams and trying all their best,” words my mom said, this really shows how proud she is with her daughter and so am I.

The event went well, to my surprise I really did not think that the place would be that full, I never expected that, because when we went to the semi finals there weren’t as many people as it was on the finale. Even the contested were a lot, they were more than 100 contested, competing for the trip to New York and all expenses paid for, shopping and all that but most of all is the experience that the winner will get, and to also compete the others in overseas.

It was an interesting event indeed, unfortunately my sister did not win, but I am very proud of her, for mare fact that she could stand up for herself and did what she love, she might have not won but in my eyes she is a winner. This is just the beginning I know she will go far, very proud of her. Nevertheless the could only be one winner. SHE IS A MODEL



My name is Makungu Edith Maluleke, I'm a third year public relations student at Midrand Graduate Institute. I'm a very dedicated person, hard working and passionate about the things I love and life. Always willing to learn new things.

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