My mom my heroin

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Today I decided to talk about the most amazing and wonderful woman in my life. My mother, she is my hero, before I can look up to any one out there, or even choose a role model whom I don’t even know nor does he or she knows me. My mother is my role model and my heroin too, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. I might not tell her everyday that I love her, deep down she knows that I love her more than anything in this world. She is the pillar of my strength.

I hear a lot of youngsters saying that who and who is their role model, in which they mention celebrities. It always hit me that I cannot go outside and look for a role model where by I have my one at home. I look up to my mom, I might have well known celebrities out there that I look up to or consider as a role model, but my mom she’s the first and the best, I wouldn’t compare her with anyone in this world.

I am very grateful to God for such a wonderful and beautiful mother I have, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world. She carried me for nine months in her womb, she never even thought of aborting me, she gave me life, she loves me, she supports me in everything I do. She took me to church as a child so that I can know and connect with God and know that he lives, and that I should believe in him no matter what. I thank you mama for teaching me to respect people, regardless of age. she clothe me when I was cold, she fed me when I was hungry, she made sure that I had all that is needed and what she could afford.

I have never went to bed hungry because she always made sure that I am taken care of. I would love to thank her for everything and let the whole world know that my is the best. When I was down and didn’t have faith in my self she was there telling me not to give up, encouraged me to do good and well, though I mad mistakes she still forgave me and accepted me the way I am. I wouldn’t have chosen a better mother than her, she is all a child can wish for. She is my role model, my heroin, but most of all she is MY MOTHER. The greatest gift I ever had, a gift from GOD.

She taught me that I should embrace my self where ever I go and not to be ashamed of who I am. MY MOTHER MY HEROIN.



My name is Makungu Edith Maluleke, I'm a third year public relations student at Midrand Graduate Institute. I'm a very dedicated person, hard working and passionate about the things I love and life. Always willing to learn new things.

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