Because iam multilingual

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OH yes I am multilingual, an everyone asks “but how”? Well I always say to them because I am a real South African and just laugh. Then they say, “come on we serious here”. My answer is simple though, I was born in Limpopo in a village called Rotterdam. When I was 2 years old my aunt took me to stay with her in Pretoria Soshanguve. My aunt was very fond of me and still is because I was the first niece she had, she is my father’s sister and my father is the only boy, well or man.

I grew up in Pretoria and the most population of people speaks Setswana. My aunt is married to Ndebele. So the friends I had growing up spoke Setswana with me I always responded in Tsonga, because I could here them and so were they. We understood each other even though I was speaking in my language and vise versa. Lot of people even thought that I was her last born because I never called her aunty, I always called her “mama”. Even today I still do call her mama. There is a lot to tell about how I grew up and all the travelling I did growing up but that is a story for another day. Today its about me and being multilingual.

I hardly stayed full time with my mom growing up until I was in grade 7. Though I used to visit her on school holidays, and mom and dad stayed in Gauteng, eastrand in a location called Tsakane, and the population of people Zulu is high. Regardless of the people I stayed with or communicated with growing up that had nothing to do with me being multilingual, because no one taught me how to speak Zulu, Venda, Pedi, Tswana, Ndebele, Swati, Sotho, English and Xhosa, I would love to believe that it is a gift that I was born with. And so the question to “but how or who taught you to speak these languages”. No one did it’s a gift I believe I was born with.

Always remember that I was born and brewed Tsonga and that will never change. I am Makungu Edith Maluleke and I am proudly South African. I am proud of my country and I am multilingual because I’m from the rainbow nation.


Life during exams!!!

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The time is finally here when one has to prove the knowledge attained during the course of first semester, the time to show your parents they are not wasting their money on you…

They say studying is the time when one watches TV, listens to music, chats with friends with a book open nearby. The school offers study break. That is one no lecture free full week to sort out one’s life in terms of notes and well studying. But guess what we use it for? Well to link up with people we didn’t have time for during the course of the semester prior exams and convince ourselves we still have time.Furthermore one will find us catching up on How to get away with murder or better yet the oh so coveted Greys Anatomy. Who is we you may ask well students of course.

As the week progresses you will find a student only lifting a finger to actually do school work for maximum of one hour at say 10pm just to convince themselves they studied that day. this goes on till say Sunday morning then all hell breaks loose. panic sets in. this is when it dawns on us that we actually wasted time by going to Mash Braai house on Friday night instead of studying. By then one will be counting hours till their first exam which one has vague recall of what was actually happening in the tests that got you a good enough due performance (dp) to qualify for the exams. Boy the struggle hahaha.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light being the notes one was doing for tests which become the saving grace of the whole of the exam period (that’s if one was actually doing the notes). You gather those and grab some red bull and pull an all nighter for a 9 am paper. one manages to pull themselves together and writes that first paper however feels like shit after as you realize that this just sets the tone for the rest of the exam period. As I type this I’m stuck on taking a 30 minute power nap or prepping for my up coming exam as I feel the power nap will do me good but prior experience on this napping business states that I will probably  wake up tomorrow morning at 10:30 (story of my life)

All I know is I will make it through this exam period and I will pass my exams and get moving. I’m at that point where I really want to graduate and move on to the next phase of life.


Proud moments

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Proud moments it was indeed, what a wonderful weekend it was. My sister had went to her finalists, The Figures International Model of the year, the event took place at Roodepoort Theatre. The were all branches from all the provinces, and I must admit it was wonderful. My mom was so excited the first time she heard that my little sister had qualified for the finals, there was joy and happiness.

We are all so proud of her, and we supported her from the beginning, and I am very proud of her so are my parents. I remember when she called me last year telling me that she has joined some agency, for modelling, I told her how happy and excited I was for her. Ever since last years she has been attending her modelling classes and our parents make sure that she is there every Thursday they transport her. “It is exciting as a parent to see your children following their dreams and trying all their best,” words my mom said, this really shows how proud she is with her daughter and so am I.

The event went well, to my surprise I really did not think that the place would be that full, I never expected that, because when we went to the semi finals there weren’t as many people as it was on the finale. Even the contested were a lot, they were more than 100 contested, competing for the trip to New York and all expenses paid for, shopping and all that but most of all is the experience that the winner will get, and to also compete the others in overseas.

It was an interesting event indeed, unfortunately my sister did not win, but I am very proud of her, for mare fact that she could stand up for herself and did what she love, she might have not won but in my eyes she is a winner. This is just the beginning I know she will go far, very proud of her. Nevertheless the could only be one winner. SHE IS A MODEL

My mom my heroin

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Today I decided to talk about the most amazing and wonderful woman in my life. My mother, she is my hero, before I can look up to any one out there, or even choose a role model whom I don’t even know nor does he or she knows me. My mother is my role model and my heroin too, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. I might not tell her everyday that I love her, deep down she knows that I love her more than anything in this world. She is the pillar of my strength.

I hear a lot of youngsters saying that who and who is their role model, in which they mention celebrities. It always hit me that I cannot go outside and look for a role model where by I have my one at home. I look up to my mom, I might have well known celebrities out there that I look up to or consider as a role model, but my mom she’s the first and the best, I wouldn’t compare her with anyone in this world.

I am very grateful to God for such a wonderful and beautiful mother I have, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world. She carried me for nine months in her womb, she never even thought of aborting me, she gave me life, she loves me, she supports me in everything I do. She took me to church as a child so that I can know and connect with God and know that he lives, and that I should believe in him no matter what. I thank you mama for teaching me to respect people, regardless of age. she clothe me when I was cold, she fed me when I was hungry, she made sure that I had all that is needed and what she could afford.

I have never went to bed hungry because she always made sure that I am taken care of. I would love to thank her for everything and let the whole world know that my is the best. When I was down and didn’t have faith in my self she was there telling me not to give up, encouraged me to do good and well, though I mad mistakes she still forgave me and accepted me the way I am. I wouldn’t have chosen a better mother than her, she is all a child can wish for. She is my role model, my heroin, but most of all she is MY MOTHER. The greatest gift I ever had, a gift from GOD.

She taught me that I should embrace my self where ever I go and not to be ashamed of who I am. MY MOTHER MY HEROIN.