Journey week, wedding month

What a lovely long weekend I had with my loved once. its always beautiful to see your loved once joined together. Well I can say is that I was a tourist the previous week, if during those journeys I was flying, I would have “what’s that word again jet leg” but lucky me it was a road trip kind. I travel from Midrand to Pretoria, I had to meet with my lovely cousin, I can say that its more like a tradition, because I can never go to Pretoria, and not pass by to see her. Well after seeing my cousin I went straight to my aunt’s house. Since it was a wedding weekend I we had to bake because my granny asked us to bake and bring the scones with us. It was a long freedom day well because we were baking. Actually I was the one doing the baking because my aunt can’t, it was more like me teaching her.

We slept on Thursday morning because of baking, were we tired or were we tired. We had to go to town on Thursday, mhmm my favourite part of everything, getting our hair done, eyelashes, nails, mhmm love that. After doing all those things we then went home to prepare for the Friday journey to Mpumalanga for the big day on Saturday. We were suppose to leave on Friday morning but unfortunately we didn’t because uncle knocked off late from work. We left Pretoria in the evening on Friday to Mpumalanga. When we got there it was all busy, the cooking, decoration, helping around with all that was needed.

Finally on the big day, we were all so excited, the bride my aunt, called us all to her bedroom, she was so excited and sad too that she’s leaving us, we had all that talk you know, and she was nervous too, that moment where we all cry but it was tears of joy. We all got ready to go for church ceremony. Well as I was dressing up and doing the final touch with my make up. All the bride’s made came into the room, and they saw me doing my make up, one of them asked me to do hers too, because she’s not really a make up person. When I was done with her, everyone just came to me to do their make up as well, lol ja I had the privilege to be the make up artist lol. After the church ceremony we went to take pictures mhmm, it was a beautiful place we went to. Who doesn’t love pictures, coz we all do. Memories made.

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It was a beautiful and lovely weekend we had, the best wedding for the weekend. We had fun, we danced, ate, drank for those who can, and most of all it was a blessed wedding. Lastly but not least they are a blessing to each other, they were brought together by love, and God blessed their wedding day.



My name is Makungu Edith Maluleke, I'm a third year public relations student at Midrand Graduate Institute. I'm a very dedicated person, hard working and passionate about the things I love and life. Always willing to learn new things.

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