Being 25 and working on the first degree

Being 25 and working on the first degree, I did my matric in 2009, after I passed matric, I had no idea what I was going to do, I had not planned on anything. Growing up I used to say that I want to be a doctor and I think the reason behind that was that, my dad was working in a hospital and I thought that he was a doctor, and my mother on the other side she was working in a clinic and I thought she was a nurse. only to found out when I went to high school that my mother was not a nurse, she was a care giver, she was a volunteer, and my dad works as a financial clerk. Growing up as children most of my friends and I wanted to be what our parents are and follow on their careers.

After I had passed my matric, that’s when I realised that I never applied anywhere. I did everything in the last minutes, and due to that I was not accepted in all the universities I had applied on. Because everything I applied for the faculties were full. One of my friends invited me to an open day in TUT, on our way she asked me what I was going to do or which course I will apply for. I looked at her and I did not respond on that question. The other girl was like I’m going to do Public Relations, and I did not even know what that was. My friend said that she once did PR in Damelin Collage and there was a time where they had to plan an event as part of research for PR. She said all was well until on the day of the event where she froze when she was suppose to present. I looked at her and something clicked in me that I can actually do that.

From that day I knew what I was going to do I fell in love with PR, I was in my last term in grade 12 that was in 2009. I have also realise that it is of importance to know what you want to do after matric. This is for all learners who are still in high schools and primaries too. They can also attend career events in order for them to know what they are good at and what they can do. I wasted three years of my life not knowing where to go, with no results until I was focused. This is for all learners out there, all I can say is that time wasted never regained. I wasted my time and I can never regain it, but what matters is realising where you have gone wrong, I have realised my mistakes and Iam learning from them.

To everyone out there who thinks that they too old to go back to school, that is not true, take it from me I know. It is never too late for your education, it is never too late to go back to school. I am a 24 year old about to turn 25 and I’m only working on my first degree.


Hectic week

Hectic week it’s been.  You know sometimes when you get the excitement that you are finishing with your course,  and thinking that all will be smooth,  well with me and school nothing is smooth,  it seems like its just getting harder and harder,  we had test week ,  and hey it was nkt easy,  sleep less nights,  getting mind blocks,  and short of memory,  it has been a hek of a week..

This test week,  i felt that it was more harder and stressful than test week 1.  Well with all the modules that I’ve wrote,  there’s hope that i might have passed,  but the one i wrote on friday,  i felt like crrying in that exam room. I have never felt so clueless, you know that moment when you in an exam room and felt like you in the wrong venue, and the paper that you writing is also a wrong one,  that is how i felt on friday afternoon,  that is how bad research methodology was.

It is very stressful as a student when you don’t do well in your modules and to think of the money that your parents are paying,  and get bad results its hurting both to you and your parents. Because at the end of the day all our parents expext from us is that we pass all our modules and will make them very happy and proud.  No parent wishes bad things to their children,  they want to see us successful. Tough week it was.

Big up to dark skin girlz

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What is the definition of beauty? Does it mean that if you dark you not beautiful and if you light in complexion then you beautiful? Really now? Well the past week someone said something to me that didn’t sit well with me. We live in a society where a lot of people have low self-esteem, they don’t have confidence in themselves, where by people are living someone else’s dreams or maybe try to imitate other people, and therefore you wont be able to reach your destiny because you living your life according to someone.

So this lady she came to me, and she said to me that she loves my body, I have a beautiful body and so on. In her complements, she then said to me “don’t you wish you were light though, because you will be really beautiful if you can maybe make yourself a bit light,” I politely looked at her and said this to her “how is that even possible, I was in my mother’s womb for nine months and that never happened.” All I’m trying to say is that who said that if you light or “yellow bone” you beautiful?

I am one confident girl, who is dark, beautiful, and I don’t need to be a “yellow bone” to see and know that I’m beautiful because I know that I am. A lot of girls and women have bleached their skins because they believe that if you are light you are beautiful, well I say to you that is because you don’t know what you want, and you have a low self-esteem that you cannot even embrace who you are, what you are, and how you look. I still say that big up to those girls who are like me, who wear their confidence wherever they go and wherever they are and embracing their African beauties.

For each and every dark girl out there, stay black and beautiful, embrace your beauty, because you don’t need to be yellow to be beautiful. To all yellow bone girls big up to you because you were born yellow and beautiful too, and to those home made yellow bones big up to you too.  WE ARE DARK AND LOVELY. DARK SKIN GIRLS THIS IS FOR YOU, WEAR YOUR BLACKNESS AND SHINE!!!!!!


Journey week, wedding month

What a lovely long weekend I had with my loved once. its always beautiful to see your loved once joined together. Well I can say is that I was a tourist the previous week, if during those journeys I was flying, I would have “what’s that word again jet leg” but lucky me it was a road trip kind. I travel from Midrand to Pretoria, I had to meet with my lovely cousin, I can say that its more like a tradition, because I can never go to Pretoria, and not pass by to see her. Well after seeing my cousin I went straight to my aunt’s house. Since it was a wedding weekend I we had to bake because my granny asked us to bake and bring the scones with us. It was a long freedom day well because we were baking. Actually I was the one doing the baking because my aunt can’t, it was more like me teaching her.

We slept on Thursday morning because of baking, were we tired or were we tired. We had to go to town on Thursday, mhmm my favourite part of everything, getting our hair done, eyelashes, nails, mhmm love that. After doing all those things we then went home to prepare for the Friday journey to Mpumalanga for the big day on Saturday. We were suppose to leave on Friday morning but unfortunately we didn’t because uncle knocked off late from work. We left Pretoria in the evening on Friday to Mpumalanga. When we got there it was all busy, the cooking, decoration, helping around with all that was needed.

Finally on the big day, we were all so excited, the bride my aunt, called us all to her bedroom, she was so excited and sad too that she’s leaving us, we had all that talk you know, and she was nervous too, that moment where we all cry but it was tears of joy. We all got ready to go for church ceremony. Well as I was dressing up and doing the final touch with my make up. All the bride’s made came into the room, and they saw me doing my make up, one of them asked me to do hers too, because she’s not really a make up person. When I was done with her, everyone just came to me to do their make up as well, lol ja I had the privilege to be the make up artist lol. After the church ceremony we went to take pictures mhmm, it was a beautiful place we went to. Who doesn’t love pictures, coz we all do. Memories made.

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It was a beautiful and lovely weekend we had, the best wedding for the weekend. We had fun, we danced, ate, drank for those who can, and most of all it was a blessed wedding. Lastly but not least they are a blessing to each other, they were brought together by love, and God blessed their wedding day.