ladies who knows how to have fun and get fit

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Its so funny how everyone was shocked that these ladies can braai. So we had market day on friday, and ohw yes it was exciting, it was all about group work and communication, working together we can do more and ofcourse we did a lot. We were part of market day, and we were selling some, pap, shisa nyama, wors, and wors rolls as well. i remember when we were still busy preparing in the morning, we were so nervous not knowing if people will buy. well yeah we got to school and some of my friends had not yet put on fire. i asked them why not, and they told me that they cant, they have never done it. look at them and i smiled, told them to brung it on, im a jack of all trades, they laughed. i started the fire and we were good to go.

Within few minutes before we had even started the braai, we already had people coming to us asking wat we ladies are selling, we told them, and some of them were like this we got to see. ladies braaing worse of all in dresses, wow wow wow, someone said that. All we said to them was we ladies who did marketing, and we PR students. Well a lot of people couldnt still believe that we were really doing the braai with no help from guys.

All went well on the market day.there was a time where we ran out of wors and everyone kept on ordering the wors roll, soo we decided to go and stock some more, Lady T went to boulders and bought some wors, when she came back, before all the wors was ready, it aleady all booked up. Thats how good and delicious our meals were. with the chakalaka made by Lady T, mhmmm it was unresistable. Before 14:00 on friday we had already sold out on everything, on top of that people still wanted some more.

On saturday it was sports day, had some of my friends we went to play netball, because we like to get fit, and have fun. Because we are young free, and we dont care what you say behind our backs. We dont really love to excersise but we love play, we love sports, so the more we participate, the more we get fit. We all about entertainment, and the things we as youth do. Hala.



Because we all about entertainment.  Its very exciting to get together as youth, and havinv fun as well as entertaining ourselves. We are young, free, energetic, healthy because we always excercise to keep up and to be fit.  My team and i had a fantastic weekend,  as we team up and played netball with my friend team.  Well it was epic,  as for me i had not played netball for like 2 years bit we gave it all our best short.

We went to klipfontein to play,  i asked one of my friend to come pick us up and soo he did,   he even arrived on time,  but we ended up leaving late bcoz of mh girls,  they took their time getting ready,  i had to rush them because the other team was being impatient,  coz we were alredy late.   I had also called my cousin from ivory to come, she was soo late in a way that when i called her after each and every 5 minutes,  she was like ” sister im about to take off,  will be there in 5 minutes time” but it actually took her 45 minutes to get to where we were.

Finally she arrived thn we went to klipfontein.  The game was lovely we actually enjoyed playing with the other team.  My friends were excited because we were in a location,  they liked the hood.  After the match we hooked up woth some of my friends,  ohw wow it was epic,  the girls didnt want to leave.  We partyied we had fun,  we were entertained,  and yes mwe did drink,  it doesnt kill to get waisted once in a while.

My frinds are crazy amd we all about entertainment.


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Catching up with my friend, as we had planned that we going to study, she says she studies better when she’s with me. We got to her house, we had our books. the next thing we looked at each other, took the car and drove to checkers, and she was like “twana we just buying this wine so that when we tired of studying we drink it and sleep. Ok sure”. We drove to Mc D bought something to eat then went home.

We got home started talking, we spoke for so long. We opened the wine, as we were busy contradicting ourselves that will only drink a glass of wine each, funny enough she’s like lets not use glasses, lets use Mc D’s cups and make it look like we drinking soft drinks, did I not laugh. After deceiving ourselves we said lets just take a nap for few minutes an hour or so. The way we were so determined though, we even said lets put on our alarms, so that we can wake up after an hour an continue with our studies. We dose off, when I woke up it was 4am in the morning.

I woke Nhlanhla up, then I looked at her we laughed, I’m like girl what happened. There she is telling me that she’s been snoozing that alarm for so long but she didn’t even bother to say girl, it’s passed that nap hour. Me on the other hand didn’t even hear the alarm. Fortunately as she has said that she studies better with me. We made breakfast ate, clean, then we started studying. It’s always good when we are together. A sister I met at varsity, she’s a sister and a friend, thanks for the invite my love. Me and you we are togetherness so she says. The things that she makes me do though. Then she snaps me while I dosed off because I was complaining about this module that I do that I don’t understand it.

Because we know what we want, what we here for, we always study not hard but smart. Catching up with Nhlanhla. Continue reading “CATCHING UP WITH MY CRAZY N”