Easter vibes

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It’s exciting how everyone go crazy about easters. Everyone always has plans on what to do and where to go. And as for me i did not have any plans but came to my surprise that before friday my i had already started my weekend. I went to church with my family on Thursday what a great day i had. I took this little i had to spend it with my family, and i lay low on my studies and books, whereby some people went partying with friends and all but i chose to spend these Easters with my loved ones. I have to admit that, they were the blessed easters i’ve ever had. I always enjoy spending time with my family because i dont get to see them on a daily basis and so i make use of every minute that i spend with them. Thanx to my Pastor and everyone from church, they always happy to see me.


Because my weekends are enthusiastic

I woke up on Saturday morning very excited as I had prepared myself to go to my friend’s bridal party, and yes I did. Well I wasn’t that much prepared coz I didn’t have the dress code’s theme. The dress code, was pink and white I had a pink blouse and didn’t have a white trouser or jeans, I then had to go buy a white jean. Luckily I found them jeans, but it was a bit late because I still had to go catch a taxi. Fortunately I managed, I took a taxi from boulders to Jo’ burg and from Jo’ burg to Soweto 😊. Then I was ready for the party. It was wonderful because my friend “Mikateko” was indeed surprised. hat exciting moment when she entered the venue and found all of us in her favorite colors. She cried and they were tears of joy, because she never thought we would’ve been able to throw her the bridal party. It was lovely, we played games, speeches, advices were given it was so much fun. Then later on it was the after party, we went to her house we played music and danced the whole night. Ohw and before I forgot I held my Lalas’s son for the first time in my hands, and I captured a picture for memories.

Sunday morning we went to church, we had a lovely service. Praised and worshiped. We were excited because my cousin was coming back from cape town, she came back for the Easters, and therefore she arrived on Sunday afternoon 😃😊. My weekend was indeed exciting enthusiastic and lovely.