Midrand my second home my family

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I came to Midrand in 2014 to further my studies at Pearson Institute former known as Midrand Graduate Institute. I remember when I had to leave my home Springs, my pastor was so sad that I will be away and that I won’t be at church as I used to be. He was sad that I was going away but he was that I was furthering my studies. I came to Midrand knowing no one did not even know which church I was going to attend, or if there was even church near by because I was staying next to school, it was a five minutes walking distance to school.

I arrived in  Midrand on a Sunday evening. Then had to go to school on Monday, the week went well at school and I had loving house mates where I was staying, which was good, considering that I am a talkative person and loves communicating it was not difficult for me to get used to them. I remember on a Saturday evening my housemates told me that there is church at our compound where we were staying. I was very excited but at the same time I was doubtful don’t know why though “haha”.

Sunday morning there we were preparing for church, then we went to church. Wow wow wow, was it great or was it great. Apart from my church in Springs  I had never felt at home like I did on that Sunday at The Living Gospel World Mission Midrand. It is under the leadership of Pastor Phindu    and  Innocent Sadiki. He is crazy about us but he’s more  crazier  about  his wife whom he loves so much but above all he is crazy about Jesus, because it is in his DNA, and he has transmitted that to all of us, we in the Living Gospel World Mission Midrand we are crazy about Jesus and we just can’t stop thinking about him.

I am blessed beyond to have had met this family and knowing that they love me so much regardless. My spiritual parents Pastor Sadiki and your wife thank you so much for taking me as your own and treating me as one, I will never forget the day I set my foot to your church for the first time, the love and warmth I got from you guys was priceless and still is.


What a year its been.



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Its been a long crazy year but I thank God that throughout the circumstances I have made it and that I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. The good lord has been with me from 2014 ever since I came to midrand and I thank God that I am still alive and healthy. This year has been crazy and hectic, school was even more hectic but look at us now, we making it we getting there slowly but surely.

I have had a great support from my friends at school, at home, my family, my pastors I don’t think I would have survived so much if it was not because of their prayers. Their prayers got me going, though sometimes I felt like giving up because of the pressure, but they said you got to get up and go on because you are not a failure and that God has a purpose with my life. My mother’s prayers ohw lord, I just can’t imagine myself here without my mother’s prayers her effort and encouragement that she has been giving me.

The year 2016 is the year that is marked in my memories, I have had good and bad news, I have had good and bad times, I have cried so much but nonetheless I have smiled more often and had fun more often and enjoyed more often. It has been a rough year and there are people who have come and left, people who were in and out of my life, and I am grateful to those who have left my life because they were adding no value in it, and I have come to appreciate those who have been with me through thick and thin. life is about choices. I am glad and happy because  I am still standing with my two feets.

When grace locates you

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There is nothing I love than seeing children happy. I may not have a child but I really do love children, seeing them happy makes me happy too. I hate seeing children suffering if it was up to me I would make sure that no child suffers any kind of abuse, but I just cant change the world in one day, but I can make a different in a child’s life in one day. So on Saturday my friend had to go and spend some time with her non-organisation, therefore as her friends we were there to support her.

The love that those kids showed us was priceless, when we got there they told us that they have prepared some songs for us and that they would love to sing for us. Wow it was lovely they sang a worshiping songs for us, “and God” they can sing. The way it was so touching they made us all “my friends and I” emotional. I just could not hold it in I broke down to think that someone would abandon their children after caring them for nine months, so that really brought me into tears. Nevertheless we all managed to bring ourselves together and enjoyed our day.

We had prepared games to play with the kids, it was lovey and fun. The joy that I saw on those kids’ eyes gave me hope that they will one day grow to be the best and the greatest. We had baked for them and prepared some other snacks and drinks for them. Children are a blessing, and they need to be taken care of. Myp Grace has located you and I am so happy for you. Seeing them happy just made me smile, when you give you feel good, and when you feel good that’s it.

Standards of society for a young woman.

She longs to wake up in the morning and walk out of the house with her thick black hair, pure golden natural skin and firm body, but instead he spends hours at the salon trying to create an image that society accepts, instead she spends hours in the toilet throwing up trying to create an image that society accepts.

Society has become a burden to young women all around the world. Society is poisoned that is killing our young women faster than a gun wound to the head. It has created high impossible expectations for our young women. Once these society standards catch a gap of you they will feed of you and bring nothing but pain, depression, low self-esteem and unwanted thoughts.

Young women of mother earth do not be a victim of society standards!! Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Look in the mirror and feel good without that mask (mark-up), without the synthetic hair. You are beautiful beyond measure.

My Lovely Didi


September the 25th this little sister of mine turned 20. The love I have for her is priceless, I wouldn’t have asked for a better sister than her. When I think about her my heart skips a bit, she has her own mistakes but I love her regardless, she is not perfect and so am I but I wouldn’t trade her for aanything.

She is my lovely didi, that is how we call each other “didi” didi means sister. I love you my sister may the lord gives you strength to go through any storm and challenges that life throws at you. May you see many more years to come. May your year be filled with joy and happiness.

Ring of lies

Ring of lies it is indeed. Some people are just born to lie because they were born in a ring of lies. Lies can take you very far, but you will never get anywhere because everything has its own way of catching up with you, it can be sooner or later. I ask myself why must we always lie? Well some people lie because they feel the need of telling lies, some say they didn’t have a choice and therefore they had to lie, well as for me I think you chose to tell lies and therefore that is the choice that you have taken and so do not say you didn’t have a choice cause you did.

I don’t like to be lied to especially on serious matters, better tell me the truth than to comfort me and make me feel better with your lies. Tell me the truth no matter how hurting it may be. Because at the end of the day truth has ways of coming out, I for one knows that. People lie to an extend that it becomes annoying, you will also end up lying to yourself, and you will start believing in your lies too.

True lies, lie about the things that when they come out no one will cry or regret but instead be beneficial. Don’t lie about